Terms of use

Welcome to our online store www.cytomed.gr .

The purpose of cytomed.gr is the retail sale of nutritional supplements, cosmetics, organic foods, anatomicals, baby products, and parapharmaceuticals, which are permitted under Greek law to be traded online.

These Terms of Use follow the transactions, purchases, returns, consulting, use of the site data, the protection of personal data and the security of the transactions of each user.

Upon logging in or registering at www.cytomed.gr you are deemed to agree and accept these terms and conditions of use. For this reason, please read this text carefully and in case you disagree now or in the future with some or all of the terms, please contact cytomed.gr immediately.

cytomed.gr may modify the terms of use without prior notice except to make it publicly available online by marking the modification date.

1. Intellectual Property

The content of the site consisting of texts, images, photographs, logos, trademarks and software is the intellectual property of cytomed.gr. You may not copy, reproduce and use (in whole or in part) the content for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of cytomed.gr. It is permitted to copy and store in digital form (only on a PC not connected to a computer network) the information material and photographs if intended for personal use and not for commercial use.

2. Behavior and Use Restrictions

Users are required to:

Do not disclose material or acts in general, do not bring criminal, civil or administrative liability to cytomed.gr. Disclosure of illegal, annoying, defamatory, abusive, threatening, obscene, harmful, or any form of inappropriate material. In any case, they must comply with the relevant Greek and European laws and codes of practice.

Provide genuine personal and product delivery information. The password stated at the time of registration is unique and personal and in case of theft, users should immediately inform cytomed.gr. In case of any change of personal information they should be informed immediately.

Do not obtain unauthorized access to material and do not store or publish copyrighted material without the consent of the proprietor.

Do not publish materials that contain any form of advertising or promotion of products or services.

Do not post links that lead to addresses other than cytomed.gr

cytomed.gr reserves the right to refuse to disclose material that does not comply with the above rules or is considered to be prejudicial to their interests. Also for the same reasons it is possible to delete material that has already been made public. In this case, users are kindly requested not to attempt to republish this material.

In the event that due to an incompatible act of a user, cytomed.gr is obliged to pay any form of compensation, then that user is obliged to pay this amount to cytomed.gr.

3. Limitation of Liability

The informative content of cytomed.gr which consists of texts, photographs and videos is extracted from authoritative sources and after being edited by specialized and scientific staff is posted on the website. cytomed.gr does everything possible to ensure that this material is valid and usable, but is not responsible for any inaccuracies or inaccurate information derived from such material. In case of any problems, users are urged to immediately inform cytomed.gr to check and correct the material.

The information material posted on cytomed.gr, as well as any consulting services provided by telephone, or through the messaging channels of experienced and qualified scientists, is for informational purposes only and  in no way a substitute for medical advice and opinions. In the event that the user is receiving medical treatment or is pregnant, he should obtain the approval of his doctor before using any nutritional supplement.

3.1 Product side effects

The cytomed.gr is not responsible in any way for any product side effects due to improper use or overdose or an intolerance user or interaction with another formulation. It also assumes no liability in case of ineffective or defective product. In the latter case the responsibility of cytomed.gr is limited to the replacement of the product in accordance with the respective terms and conditions of return.

3.2 Lack of availability

cytomed.gr has a dynamic product range, keeping a large percentage of them in stock. Shipments are executed from 1 to 3 days after the new order is entered into the system. In the few cases where the above time limits cannot be met, the customers are informed in time of the possible delay and are given the opportunity to cancel or modify the order. In the event that some products are posted online, they are not available due to a general lack of suppliers or the abolition of movement in Greece due to force majeure or bad weather or for any reason it is not possible to obtain them from cytomed.gr, the site takes no responsibility.

3.3 Unable to provide services

cytomed.gr makes everything possible to ensure that its services are available within the time and within the specified time limits. However, it assumes no liability in the event of failure to perform any service due to the fault of the cooperating courier companies, or the malfunction of the internet service provider, web hosting provider or online payment processing provider or electricity provider or telecommunications service provider.

3.4 Malware

cytomed.gr uses professional tools and software to continuously – 24 hours a day – monitor and prevent malware from its code. However, under no circumstances shall it be held responsible for the possible contamination of such software by users. In any case, when logging into cytomed.gr it is advisable to have a valid and up-to-date antivirus software installed on your equipment.

3.5 Liability for loss of profits

Sales made relate to products intended for personal use. cytomed.gr assumes no liability for loss of profits, or loss of reputation and customer care.