Find out how Cytoplan can help you

CYTOPLAN is a specialized nutritional supplement company made specifically for healthcare professionals and their clients. It was founded in 1990 by a team of health professionals with extensive experience in the field of nutrition science and therapies.

This company produces very high quality food based bio-effective products backed by serious scientific studies and data. It places a strong emphasis on innovation, research and development (R&D), reaching the top of health professionals ‘and consumers’ preferences.

CYTOPLAN believes that effective food supplements for the human body are those in which their ingredients appear in the same form as real food so that they are recognized by the human body and are not eliminated as is the case with the corresponding chemicals. These products are called bio-active nutrient complexes and contain all relevant food agents as they appear in nature and in food. For more information on Food State and Wholefood supplements visit the CYTOPLAN website:

All of its products are scientifically proven and provide proven results. These products are not intended for consumers who take their health seriously, believe that Nature holds the “key” to good health, and want to get it from a company that has a proven belief in it. In CYTOPLAN the concept of ‘health’ is above the concept of ‘profit’.